Must Know Facts About Brita Water Pitchers

Brita water pitcher is manufactured by Brita, a company renowned for its water filtration products. It is a water pitcher that purifies water in seconds. The filter is easy to use and to clean, and can be used in homes and offices. Brita water pitchers use activated carbon filters that utilize ion exchange filtration. They allow for complete filtration of contaminants because of their unique combination of ion exchange and carbon filtration.


There are 13 different types of water pitchers currently in the market; 8 large pitchers (with a capacity of 8-10 cups) and 5 compact pitchers (which can hold 5-6 cups). There are also dispensers available which can hold up to 18 cups. The pitchers are available in a variety of colours. These include black, red, white, green, blue, violet, orange, chrome, turquoise, and yellow. Other varieties include stainless steel, turquoise Versailles, black bubbles, and blue bubbles. A Brita water pitcher comes with a standard or manual indicator, an electronic filter indicator, or a sticker. The lid style can either be standard, easy-fill, or locking while handle styles can be standard, comfort-grip, or premium grip.

Benefits of a Brita Water Pitcher

  • It improves the quality of drinking water by removing unwanted substances. Brita water filters are specially manufactured with an Ion-exchange Resin which enables them to block impurities often found in tap water like copper, chlorine, lead, cadmium, zinc, and mercury and to minimize their presence in the water you drink. Each Brita water pitcher has a sponge-like filtration system that removes the odor and taste of chlorine instantly to provide clean and fresh-tasting drinking water.
  • It effectively reduces waste and helps the environment. Water bottles usually end up in landfills leading to environmental degradation. Each Brita water pitcher filter is equivalent to 300 water bottles. Additionally, with Preserve’s Gimme 5 Program, the filters can be recycled.
  • Brita pitchers can be used by people of all ages. All you need to do is pour water into the pitcher and you can start drinking clean, tasty water. This eliminates the need to lift heavy bottles or buying highly-priced water bottles.
  • The filters can supply you with about 40 gallons of water before you are required to change them. This amount of water can last for about two months.

Different Water Pitcher Designs

Brita water pitchers are available in a variety of styles, colours, sizes and prices depending on your preference and needs. The Brita Grand 80-Ounce water pitcher is popular for its large capacity and its available in different colors as well.

What to Consider When Buying a Brita Water Pitcher

  • Determine the Size You Want. Pitchers that can hold 5 to 6 cups are recommended for personal use and for small families while those that can hold 8, 10, or 18 cups are recommended for large families, big offices, or sports teams.
  • Choose your preferred color. Brita offers pitchers in a variety of colors to brighten up your tables or counter.
  • Select the right filter indicator. A sticker indicator is ideal for those who wish to place a manual sticker to remind them of the date they’ll need a new filter, a standard indicator allows one to manually program the dial to the date, while an electronic one resets at the press of a button.
  • Look for convenient features, such as comfort grip handles and easy fill lids that make pouring easier and allow you to refill your pitcher with a single touch.


A Brita water pitcher is safe to use, inexpensive, and provides you with clean, great-tasting water. It allows you to drink healthy water as you help the environment. Buy a Brita water pitcher today and get the best value for your money.