What You Need To Know About Brita Maxtra Water Filters

Brita Maxtra water filter cartridges are typically sold in packs of 6 (although they are available in both smaller and larger pack sizes) and are designed to be used with a wide range of water filter jugs. Unlike most other filter cartridges, Maxtra cartridges use a quadruple filter system, and this means that they are up to 20% more efficient than regular filters when it comes to stopping the formation of limescale. Maxtra cartridges are also particularly efficient at reducing the amount of chlorine in tap water, that frequently affects both the smell and the taste of the water. Finally, aluminum, copper and lead levels are reduced, as are levels of pesticides and other organic impurities frequently found in tap water.

The filtered water provided through the use of Maxtra filter cartridges is ideal for making hot and cold drinks and is perfect for all aspects of meal preparation. Filtered water is also great for your kitchen appliances, reducing the formation of limescale on items such as kettles, and prolonging the life of many kitchen appliances.

The Benefits of Filtered Water

For most households, today water quality is not bad, but it could be better, and filtering your water ensures that you get a pure supply of drinking water. It is also a very cheap way to provide high-quality drinking water and is a lot cheaper than the alternative of buying in bottled water. And, talking about cost, filtered water can also save you money by prolonging the life of kitchen appliances, such as your kettle.

Clean drinking water brings with it a host a health benefit and is especially beneficial for children, pregnant women and anybody who is prone to gastrointestinal problems.

One word of warning though – water filters do need to be changed regularly because using a filter cartridge for too long can result in the cartridge itself becoming a home for unwanted bacteria. For this reason, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing cartridges.

What Do Customers Think?

The vast majority of customers are more than happy with the performance of Brita Maxtra water filter cartridges and 9 out of 10 users say that they would award them top marks for ease of use and performance.

Across the board, buyers notice that the nasty smell and taste of chlorine, so often found in tap water these days, disappears and the water by itself simply smells and tastes fresh and clean. Many people also comment on the very noticeable improvement in the taste of common drinks such as tea, coffee or squash. Indeed, this improvement is noticed in any drink that is made at home, and to which water needs to be added.

Buying Brita Maxtra Water Filter Cartridges

Brita Maxtra water filter cartridges are very widely available today and you can pick up a refill pack in many local stores and supermarkets. Prices however vary widely and you will need to shop around to get the best price. That said, buying from the world’s largest online shopping site will often mean that you will not only find Maxtra filters at the lowest price, but also enjoy the convenience of having them delivered directly to your home.