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Zero Water Filter – Why You Need It?

Water filters have become an essential home appliance nowadays considering the impurities such as lead, chlorine, mercury and other chemicals that the water content. Water-borne diseases such as amoebiasis, cryptosporidiosis, cyclosporiasis, microsporidiosis, hymenolepiasis, echinococcosis, etc., are on the rise which makes water filters a very indispensable product for all households. However, when buying a water filter, it is necessary to choose a reputable brand. Well, now that we know the importance of water filter, check out Zero Water Filter, a brand worth every dime you pay.

Products Offered by ZeroWater

There are several products offered by the Zero Water Filter; so you can pick out the one that is suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

Zero Water Pitcher comes with the ion exchange filter system. This removes the solids from the water which makes it taste better. There are three models available under this category and the average cost of these filters would be anywhere between $30 and $40.

ZeroWater 8-Cup Pitcher open

This model comes with the pull-and-pour button that can be operated single-handedly. It is an 8-cup pitcher which is designed to save space.

ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher open

This filter system is made of five technologies, which ensures that all the solids including Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, and Nitrate are removed from the water.

ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser open

The next-gen filter technology used in this model makes it the best. With the 23-cup container, this is the biggest fridge water filter dispenser that is available in the market as of now.

Want to remove all virtually dissolved solids from the water? Then ZeroWater® Filter is strongly recommended. The price of these products range from $29 to $160. Here is a brief explanation on the types is replacement water filters available.

TWO ZeroWater® Replacement Filters open

Lab tests have proved that these replacement filters are capable of dissolving all the solids in the water indicating that it is the safest filter.

FOUR ZeroWater® Replacement Filters open

This water filter comes with a non-woven membrane that removes even the finest particles from the water making it very safe for drinking.

EIGHT ZeroWater® Replacement Filters open

Tired of the high amount of chorine in water? It is nasty to smell and taste as well. Try out the EIGHT ZeroWater® Replacement Filters for tasty and smell-free water and you won’t be disappointed.

TWELVE ZeroWater® Replacement Filters open

The combination of five sophisticated technologies ensures that the water filtered is the purest and safest for drinking. Zero-testing at the lab proves that this is the filter that can be trusted.

SIXTEEN ZeroWater® Replacement Filters open

This water filter makes certain that the contaminants in the water are removed thoroughly; thanks to the high-end technology used. These water filters come with a complete ion exchange range, which makes it safe.

The two ZeroWater® Bottle and Accessories available now are ZeroWater® Bottle Filtration System and Total Dissolved Solids meter.

ZeroWater® Bottle Filtration System open

ZeroWater® Bottle Filtration System is the most convenient water bottle filtration system as it is very economical. Moreover, with this filtration system around, there is no need to lift five-gallon water bottles, which can be quite heavy to carry around. And the water filter cartridges will remove all the contaminants in a jiffy! Priced around $70, this is the best product that money can buy.

Total Dissolved Solids meter( Water Tester ) open

The TDS Meter measures the totally dissolved solids in water that can give it a taste. The higher the reading on the water the more substances dissolved in your water. It is easy to use so you can know exactly when to change your filters.

This travel water bottle is the most convenient product to carry around. Its design is sleek and the five-stage ion exchange filter ensures that the water is safe and tasty. And you don’t need to worry about the filter change because the indicator will clearly tell you when it needs to be replaced.

Benefits of Using Zero Water Filters

Zero Water Filters have come out with a wide-range of products to suit the needs and budget of every consumer while ensuring they get good value for the money spent on the water filter. Some of the benefits of using Zero Water Filters are listed here:

  • The water filters are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology
  • A lot of research and development has gone into making these products
  • Lab tests have proved that there is zero contamination in the water
  • The water filters ensure that only the impurities are removed from the water while retaining essential minerals
  • Zero Water Filters are extremely easy to use
  • There are several products available to suit the budget of the consumers.

This water filter is available for $32.99. It comes with the patented five-stage dual-ion exchange filtration system and is certified to remove chromium, lead, and mercury. It also has an in-built Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter holder.

This replacement filter has a multi-layer system made of activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. The non-woven membrane removes even the finest particles from the water making it very safe to drink.

This Water Dispenser and Filtration System, which is priced at $39.99, not only improves the taste of the water but also removes virtually all dissolved solids from tap water. It is as effective as most reverse osmosis systems in reducing chromium-6 in tap water.

Customer Reviews

Most customers that have used the ZeroWater Filter products have good words to share about the product. The water filters fit in perfectly on all ZeroWater products. It is so easy to use and most customers say that they would recommend it to others. The space-saving designs are another feature that consumers like.

Advice on Buying

Before buying a product is important to know everything about it such as the price, product specs, functionality, uses, durability etc. ZeroWater Filters have come out with too many products which are pocket-friendly for all consumers. Check out the manual of the product before using in order to get used to the product easily. Reading the customer reviews of each and every product will give a clear idea on the pros and cons. Check out the guarantee and warranty details and payment and shipping policy as well.


If you are looking to buy a water filter, check out the range of ZeroWater Filters that are available in the market. You are sure to find one that will suit your requirement and budget. The best feature of these water filters are that they are designed to save space.