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Inline Water Filter System – A Route To Pure Hydration

Water needs to be purified at every stage so that you are protected from all kind of water-borne diseases. Choosing the right water purifier is one of the best ways to protect you as well as your family’s health. The inline water purification system is the most convenient water purifier available in the market today. They ensure that you get high-quality water to drink, bath and even cook meals.

The convenience and quality that these inline water filters provide are worth each penny spent on it. You can install the filters in almost every source of water in your home or office. It will ensure better taste and quality of water you are using. You can use it in your refrigerator, water fountains, faucets, showers, water dispensers, etc. The best part is you can also attach it to your appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines boiler supply lines to get a good quality of water every time.


Inline water filter systems use ceramic candle filters. These are considered to be reliable and proven technology for water treatment since 80′s. The quality that these filters provide has set the industry standards tasting water these filters produce have set the industry standard. Apart from giving excellent performance, these filters are extremely easy to clean and can be used maximum times before retiring. There are other several benefits that these systems provide that make them an ultimate choice for water purification. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Easy To Install. Unlike other purifiers, they are very easy to use and install. You can install them in anywhere you want to have the water filtered. If you are good with DIY kits, then you can install them yourself also without any professional help. Just follow the instructions given in the manual for convenient installation.
  • High Water Flow Level. They offer good quality water treatment with a high level of water flow. They are convenient to use in every environment and have the capability to produce clean and healthy and pure water at any location you want. This ensures that all the members of your family are able to attain the benefits of it.
  • Easy To Replace. Not only they are easy to install, but these can be replaced and changed as swiftly as possible. You only have to replace the cartridge once in a year, i.e. every 6 months to ensure you get clean water to use. It doesn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to change the system.

Popular Inline Water Filters on Amazon

1. Sawyer 3-Way Inline Water Filter

Sawyer lightweight 3-way inline filter can be use3d to filter water directly from the water sources such as a river, lake or streams. It works perfectly to treat water from the reservoir during long hikes. As long as you are carrying the inline filter in your backpack you don’t need to worry about water-related problems. This is a great portable and easy to install water treatment system while you are out on kayaking, or traveling abroad.

2 General Pump Brass Inline Water Filter

It is a low-pressure brass inline water filter system made with stainless steel. The stainless steel element provides great protection to the pumps by picking up the unwanted particles from the incoming water source. With proper care, it can last long forever providing you good quality and clean water. The clear plastic feature in the system lets you determine whether the filter requires cleaning from time to time.

3. Sawyer SP121 Inline Water Filter

The accessories provided in this kit allow you to connect the filter to almost every type of faucet. It is flexible and made with PVC that makes it compatible with different size of faucets. It is a great and convenient kit for those who are always on the go and looking for clean water to drink. It is a great product for backpackers and frequent travelers.

Advice on Buying Inline Water Filters

  1. Consider buying the filter online for better discounts and offers to save money.
  2. Always opt for the latest technology available in the market to.
  3. Look for filters that are compatible with all kind of water sources like faucets, showers, refrigerators, etc.
  4. There are huge numbers of manufacturers that sell inline filters. Choose the one that provides good service quality and warranty after sales.
  5. Always go for reputed brands to make sure you get the right product.


If you are looking for portable and easy to use water purifier system, then inline water filters can be the best alternative to bulky and complicated water purifiers. This purification system ensures a better quality of water at affordable rates. You can visit any online e-store like Amazon, eBay, etc. and look for 5 stars rated inline water filters. So, what are you waiting for, just find the perfect water purifier system for yourself and protect yourself and your family’s health.

Reviews of the Top 3 Water Filter Cartridges Brands

A water filter cartridge is a key component in any water filtration systems, which helps purify and lets you drink clean water at all times. It is the cartridge that must be replaced periodically to ensure optimal results on the quality of your drinking water.

Primarily, all water filter cartridges have a specific life span or capacity. This refers to the amount of water that your cartridge is capable of filtering before you need to replace it. In most cases, under the counter, faucet and countertop filters have a greater filtration capacity than a water filter pitcher. It will help if you consider the cost of cartridge replacement, so you can determine the typical cost of using a water filtration system at home.

Benefits of Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges contain essential components that eliminate impurities or contaminants from the water. These impurities are left in the filter media, and once the saturation point has been reached, the filter will no longer be capable of removing these contaminants. Eventually, the filter will start collecting bacteria that are hazardous to your health. Furthermore, accumulated dirt and impurities can clog the entire water filtration system and affect the water flow.

Thus, it is important to replace cartridges according to package instructions. While some filtration systems may only require you to wash and clean the cartridge, a replacement may be necessary at times to ensure the excellent function of the unit. For instance, reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems require a replacement of the cartridge and other components at least every two years. Hence, it is important to determine the lifespan of your cartridge and find the right replacement to keep the system in excellent condition.

Popular Products in Amazon

The following are some of the top brands of water filter cartridges that you can find in most online stores including Amazon. These products have garnered outstanding reviews and feedbacks from several consumers. Read along to find out more about the key features and comments about these cartridges.

1. Purenex Water Filter Cartridge with 1-Micron Sediment, 4-Pack

This sediment cartridge measures 9 7/8 inches x 2 ½ inches. It is suitable for a wide range of standard size filter housings (10 inches). The product ensures the reduction of sediment, as it is manufactured and made with pure polypropylene microfiber material. A pack of 4 filter cartridges costs about $14, although this price excludes shipping fees.

2. iSpring 5-micron sediment filter cartridge

The iSpring filter cartridge measures 2.5 inches x 10 inches, and it can fit standard-sized water filter housings. It is also made of high-quality melt-brown polypropylene and offers 4-layer filtration to keep your drinking water fresh and clean. With this sediment filter cartridge, you can expect your water to be free from contaminants such as sand, silt, dust, and other impurities.

3. Culligan P5-D Level 4, 5-Micron Sediment Filtration Replacement Cartridges (2- Pack)

This product is suitable for use with specific models such as the HF-36, HF-150, and HF-160, as well as most standard-size of sediment filters. The replacement cartridge is also capable of filtering water up to two months or at least 8,000 gallons of water. What’s more, it can filter very fine contaminants such as dust particles, sand, dirt, and silt. It is the perfect cartridge for use with most city well water supplies.


Shower Water Filters: Protection from Chlorinated Water

It is not uncommon for your water company to place chlorine in your drinking water, ridding it from bacteria. Unfortunately, the chlorine does your skin and hair no favors as it pours over your body when taking a shower. The adverse effects it has on the oils on these parts of your body causes a great deal of damage; this is where shower water filters come in. They prevent the chlorine from hitting your body, thus stopping adverse effects from taking place. But this is not all they are capable of. There are numerous benefits to owning this type of water filtration systems, and we will look at some of the most popular and find out what real consumers such as yourself have to say about them.

The Benefits of Shower Water Filters

Here are some of the top reasons consumers like you decide to purchase a shower water filter for their home:

  • They are the easiest and most cost-effective means of reducing chlorine exposure in your home
  • They reduce your risk of bronchitis and asthma by eliminating chlorine inhalation
  • They reduce your risk of both bladder and breast cancer by reducing your exposure to chlorine, a possible carcinogen
  • They help increase your energy by reducing chlorine, which is known to cause fatigue
  • They help improve the overall air quality throughout your home
  • They help improve the appearance and softness of your skin, as chlorine tends to dry the skin
  • They help reduce wrinkles and rashes, both negative effects of chlorine
  • They aid in rejuvenation and revitalization of your hair, as chlorine tends to strip it of its natural oils
  • They save you money on expensive skin moisturizers and lotions, as chlorine tends to strip the skin of its natural oils

Although you are impressed with these benefits, one question may lay heavy on your mind: “How do I know shower water filters are effective when it comes to providing me these benefits?” This is a good and valid question, and I have a study to place your mind at ease. One consumer wondered the same thing and took it upon himself to test nine different shower water filters. The efficacy results ranged between 19 and 99 percent for his home, which he points out has high levels of chlorine. He suggests the efficacy may vary according to your home and the amount of chlorine your water municipality uses as a disinfectant. The bottom line here? Three of the systems he tested passed with a 99 percent efficacy rate. So yes, these filters are no joke.

The Top Three

Not all shower water filters are made the same; some have more features than others and stand out above the rest. This does not necessarily mean you pay more for them, though. This is why I am here to help you; I want to ensure you receive the best bang for your buck.

Sprite HO-WH High Output

Rainshowr CQ-1000-NH

First we have the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead in Chrome Finish.

Not only does this add a nice touch to your bathroom decor, but it reduces 99 percent of the chlorine you would ordinarily have entering through your showerhead, and prevents the odor as well. You do not need any tools to assemble it, and there are five different spray settings with a massage. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

Next we have the Sprite HO-WH High Output Shower Filter.

This brand is one included in the aforementioned study and was one of the three that received 99 percent for efficacy. The reversible cartridge is capable of filtering your water for one year before requiring replacement and is perfect for homes with high levels of chlorine. The price is more than reasonable, but the best part is you can purchase both the shower head and cartridge together for what some companies are charging just for their shower water filtration systems.

Finally we have Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH Dechlorinating Shower Filter.

This product promises to remove 90 percent of the chlorine from your water while improving the lathering and sudsing during your time in the tub. Most importantly, its manufacturers get to the heart of the problem: your skin and hair. They say the CQ-1000-NH will not only give you younger looking skin but also improve the appearance of color-treated hair. Big promises, but this product is rated four out of five stars among Amazon users.

Customer Comments

Word of mouth is the only thing you can trust when it comes to making a purchase or using particular businesses services. So now it is time for us to take a look at what some customers have said about our top three shower water filter picks.

When it comes to Culligan’s WSH-C125, 455 customers had a lot to say. So much, in fact, that this product received greater than a four out of five-star rating. Although I would love to list every comment, I can only highlight a majority of what is said. Most speak of the easy installation (approximately 3 minutes), increased water pressure, water-savings of 2.5 gallons per minute flow, improved skin and hair condition, filter replacement once every six months and most importantly, the price. This filter cost $30 on Amazon compared to another filter of lesser quality which costs $80.

The Sprite HO-WH is nothing to shirk off. This product receives four out of five stars amongst 84 Amazon reviewers, most of whom have the same things to say about this particular shower water filter. It helps with the dry, itchy skin associated with chlorine in the water, filter replacement is necessary every six months to one year and it even helps with the build of scale along the tub walls. The one drawback is a slight decrease in water pressure–about 10 percent–but many say you hardly notice it. Overall, many are happy with the product for the price–$25.99 on Amazon.

Finally, we come to the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH. Most customers report it fits easily onto their existing showerheads, resulting in no change in water pressure. They love the improvement in their hair–no conditioner required after shampooing. It even helped one customer with unruly, curly hair. Perhaps most impressive is the life of the product–10 years for one consumer with yearly filter changes. Not bad for a unit that costs $31 on Amazon.


We will discuss pricing briefly before wrapping things up. I, personally, prefer Amazon. I am in no way promoting them, but I am a consumer just as you are, and am always in search of the best prices for any product I need at any given time. Now whether this is a book, a music CD, clothing for my kids or even parts for my car, I always end up at Amazon because I cannot beat their product prices, their shipping prices or their reliability. This is why they are the only site I have used during this discussion. From one consumer to another who has a family and needs to save money, I am giving you what I believe to be the best prices that will do the same for you and your’s.


Taking everything into consideration, I recommend the Culligan shower water filter. It removes the most chlorine from your water, adds a nice touch to your bathroom and massages your body while showering. The five-year warranty shows the company stands behind its product, and it sells for the lowest price. Do not wait a moment longer to improve the condition of your shower water, hair and skin. Visit Amazon today and purchase the Culligan WSH-C125. I promise it will be the best buying decision you have ever made.

Whole House Water Filter Reviews: Top 3 Filters on Amazon

The purpose of whole house water filters is to purify the water in every shower, dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, sink or bath around your home. There are potentially dangerous gases and chemical vapors that can take their toll on your health in the long run. Disinfection byproducts can be extremely dangerous, even more, dangerous than chlorine – they can lead to skin irritations and they increase the risk for asthma, respiratory infections, and even cancer. Moreover, these chemicals can also weaken your immune system over the years.

Fortunately, the whole house water filters are specially designed to purify all the water that enters your home, so you will get fresh, clean, chemical-free water whenever you need it. The main difference between the whole house water filter and the classic water filter is that the latter is usually installed where you need it – for instance under the sink. This means that only the water you get from the sink is purified and chemical-free, but what about the showers or the dishwasher? The whole house water filter provides an all-around and thorough water purification and cleaning.

The Benefits Of Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

These complex water purification systems have several notable benefits – they remove chemicals (thus ensuring softer water that does not harm your skin, hair, lungs or scalp), they can be installed quickly and effortlessly, they involve little maintenance and they do not consume electricity.

Moreover, they are designed to provide clean water to every faucet in your home by removing 99% of the contaminants. The taste, color, and odor associated with chlorine and other compounds are completely removed as well. Chlorine is one of the most dangerous and most health-threatening chemicals in your water supply. At the same time, the pH levels in the water are balanced and this prevents excessive skin dryness.

Additional Benefits Of Whole Home Filters

• Fast installation that usually requires less than a couple of hours;

• Highly convenient and durable, it can be used for many years without replacement;

• Cost-effective and eco-friendly;

• Designed to reduce water consumption;

• Tested to meet the quality standards and requirements.

Popular Products On Amazon

1. Watts WH-LD Premier

With an affordable price tag of $31.70, the Watts WH-LD Premier is one of the most sought-after water filters on Amazon. This product is tested and certified by the NSF, it has stainless steel inserts, it comes with a by-pass valve and three filters and it is also designed to reduce dust, dirt, and sediments.

The chemicals and sediments can dramatically affect your plumbing fixtures, water softeners or carbon filters, but with the Watts WH-LD Premier, you do not need to worry about this. This whole house water filter is designed to operate at temperatures ranging between 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a maximum operating pressure of 100 PSI.

2. The Culligan HF-360A Whole House Water Filter

This is another cost-effective product that can be purchased for no more than $30.99, and the best part is that it works with most standard water filter cartridges. The Culligan HF-360A comes with a patented shut off valve and a 5-year limited warranty, it can be used under the sink, for in-line installation or for the entire house.

Made from high-quality and durable polypropylene, this filter is designed to the extent the life of various household appliances that use water on a regular basis, such as your water heater or washing machines. It has a clear housing construction and it delivers fresh, clean, chemical-free water within seconds.

3. Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filtering System

Last, but not least, this is undoubtedly one of the most advanced waters filtering systems on the market, as it is made from non-corrosive stainless steel and it features a state-of-the-art carbon filter. It can deliver up to 20 gallons of filtered water per minute and it comes with a price tag of $262.53. What makes this filtering system so special is the fact that it uses the exquisite Aqua-Pure system that reduces rust, harmful compounds, chlorine taste, and odor and protects the fixtures and appliances against mineral build-up and staining.

Useful Advice On Buying Whole House Water Filters

In a nutshell, choosing the right whole house water filter for your home is essential, and there are several aspects you need to take into account. One of them is the number of household appliances that use water, while the size of the house or the number of bathrooms are two other important factors to consider. For instance, some water filters can provide water for up to three bathrooms simultaneously.

You can choose to either order them from one of the hundreds of online marketplaces or to order them directly from the manufacturer’s website. The filter should come with at least a one-year limited warranty (although they usually have a 5-year warranty) along with replacement filters and tools for easy installation. On the other hand, pay attention to the maximum flow rate as well as to the maximum operating temperature of the filter.


In conclusion, if you are concerned about the health of your family then a whole house water filtering system can turn out to be a great investment, as it will offer you the peace of mind you need. It will deliver soft and chemical-free water (therefore it is perfect for those with sensitive skin), it can be installed within hours and it involves little to no long-term maintenance. Besides, there are literally hundreds of filters where you can choose from, you will surely find one for your budget!

5 Best Tips to Get Rid of Instant Hot Water Heater Problems

Presently, water heaters have become an inseparable part of your luxuries life as you can’t even think of managing a single day without instant hot water. But, often it is seen that with no specific prior notice your water heater can put you into huge trouble. At that moment you might require some urgent and immediate plumbing or repairing services. Well, you may get rid of this kind of instant hot water heater problems if you keep some basic points in mind while choosing and installing water heaters for your home.

Check out 5 of the best tips to get rid of instant hot water heater problems.

Tip # 1: Install High-Quality Water Heaters

In case you are new with water heaters and want to install it for your daily purpose then you need to be a little careful. Don’t compromise with the quality of your water heater and choose the best water heaters that will be of high quality, give excellent performance and long lasting with a guarantee. You may also take suggestions from the professionals regarding the best products and brands in the market that will provide you with a long-lasting and trouble-free service.

Tip # 2: Focus on Its Maintenance

If not maintained properly, water heaters may create much trouble for you. Remember, you are in an urgent need for repairing your water heaters in case you find any weird colored water or foul odor coming out of your water heater. If you find any trace of orange color beneath the Anode rod, then take it as an indication that the heater is not in its best condition and you need to some immediate step to repair it.

Tip # 3: Look for Quality Repairing Services

While detecting and repairing your hot water heater problems, don’t trust any ordinary plumber but look up to plumbing professionals who are trusted for providing the best service. With the regular plumbers, there is a possibility of the wrong detection of the problem and low-quality service. As such there are chances that your heater will again start giving you troubles immediately in spite of repairing. But, if you seek help from professionals you will get the right detection of problems, quality replacements, high-quality parts, checkups for leaks after repairing and clean up of the system.

Tip # 4: Seek Professional’s Advice

If you are not acquainted with the techniques of maintaining and managing water heaters then you may seek professional’s advice regarding their maintenance and management. With the valuable advice of the experts regarding its maintenance, you can maintain your heater’s health for a long time and there will be reduced chances of your heater going out of order suddenly.

Tip # 5: Repair the Whole System

If you want to get excellent performance from your water heater then it is not enough for you to just detect and repair your water heater. In order to get rid of instant hot water heater problems, it is highly important for you to repair the whole existing system so that you won’t face any further complications in the future.

Well, hopefully with the 5 best tips you will be able to get rid of instant hot water heater problems and maintain your heater’s efficiency and excellence. If you want to enjoy instant hot water whenever you need, then follow these useful tips and get a trouble-free water heating system.

The 3 Best Countertop Water Filters Available On Amazon

A countertop water filter is simply a water filter that sits on top of your kitchen counter or sink, providing filtered water. They remove bad tastes, chlorine and other contaminants allowing you to access great tasting, pure drinking water.

There are many water filters that can be classed as countertop water filters. At varying prices. It’s not always the case that the most expensive unit is always the best, as there are some great bargains available on Amazon and elsewhere, that may even outperform the more expensive models.

A countertop system is preferable for many people who are renting and cannot install a more permanent solution.

The Benefits

  • Some countertop water filters have added functionality, such as a diverting valve that replaces the aerator on your faucet, allowing you to easily switch between filtered and unfiltered water.
  • Some models are also portable, allowing access to safe, filtered water on camping trips to remote places.
  • There are models which chill the water as well as filtering it, providing you with a cool refreshing glass of water on a hot day.
  • If you regularly drink bottled water, it can work out a lot cheaper in the long run to buy a countertop water filter. Also, many bottled water brands source their water from the municipal supply, which is essentially filtered tap water. At least with a water filter, you have the knowledge of how the water was filtered and how well it was filtered.

The Negatives

  • Some model’s filters do not last very long and can be quite pricey.
  • Some models can fail quickly when compared to more expensive types of water filtration.

Popular Countertop Systems on Amazon.com

1. Aquasana AQ-4000 Countertop Water Filter

$87.49 from Amazon.com. With free shipping.

This model was voted “best buy” by Consumer’s Digest in the UK, for six consecutive years. It removes organic compounds, chlorine, gasoline additives and many other contaminants from the water. It currently has a 4-star rating on the site. It’s easy on the eye with a minimalistic look and comes in white. It’s easy to install and realistically priced. Though some users have struggled with installation, and some people complained about the longevity of the unit.

Customers said this about the unit:

“The water tastes deliciously fresh and clean.”
“It’s a good deal. I’m not sure if there’s a better one with an ISO 27001 certification.

With one negative reviewer noting:

“Cannot review this item because (sic) I cannot install it.”

2. New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter System

$80.50 with free shipping from Amazon.com. Includes 30-day money back guarantee.

This system also has a four-star rating. Consumers noted that it produces superior tasting water too many other products they have tried. Installation is generally thought of as easy, and it’s one of the most popular countertop water filters on the site. It does a good job of removing all contaminants well above acceptable EPA levels.

Customers said this about the unit:

“Perfect…you can’t find anything better.”

“The reviews were good, so I bought it. It was super easy to hook up and my water tastes great. It saves money and it’s very convenient. I would recommend this filter if it suits your needs. ”

With one slightly negative reviewer noting:

“It keeps leaking! The water tastes good. It was easy to install, just don’t know why I can’t get it to stop leaking!!”

3. Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter

$288.89 on Amazon.com. Comes with free shipping, and has a 6-month financing offer.

Though this countertop water filter is much more expensive than the other two mentioned, it’s also of superior quality. It has almost a five-star rating. It may even work out being far cheaper than other filters in the long run because it doesn’t require new filters to be purchased on a regular basis. It uses built-in ceramic filters. It also has a large 10-liter capacity. It’s also used by relief agencies worldwide to provide clean, safe drinking water. Of the ratings on Amazon.com, only one was below 4 stars out of 24 ratings, and that was a 1-star rating, which significantly lowers the average. 20 of the reviews were 5-star ratings.

Customers said this about the unit:

“For what I wanted, this unit meets my needs 100%… Amazon had one of the best prices.”
“Received it very fast. Tried it out and it worked very well. I also like the fact that it’s portable. Simple to put together. Very nice product.”

With one negative reviewer noting:

“the water tasted like ceramic”

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Additional Reviews About The Products

Here’s what other people are saying about these products.

No NSF or CA certification

Aug 17, 2013, by Richard Farkas

My reviews are as follows:
1. Aquasana – No California Certification, which means it’s illegal to sell this unit to CA residents. The filters are only good for 450 gallons and are $50 per change. That’s expensive compared to Multipure (ranked #1 by Consumer Reports) or Water Chef or BestFilters own brand and they are certified for California.
2. Enviro – No certifications, they can make any claims they want but PROVE IT. Also they use Granulated carbon which has a tendency to channel and become less effective.
3.. Katadyn – Excellent unit mainly designed for camping as it’s not really Point of Use and it is slow to filter the water. Also, not certified, good for protozoa, cyst, giardia,etc. Designed for base camp, filtering creeks and lakes.
I’ll be happy to provide more specifics, I was one of the original Aquasana dealers, until they were bought by a private equity firm and did away with their dealer network. We had many leakage problems initially, perhaps they have corrected that.


Out of the three countertop water filters we’ve looked at, the best choice is probably the last one from Katadyn. Though it is significantly more expensive than the other two, it is of much higher quality, and it may even be cheaper when filter replacement is taken into account. The other two units are great filters though and will do the job on a budget.

Berkey Water Filters, More Than Just a Water Filter

A water filtration system works by removing contaminants, chlorine taste and door in your drinking water. These water filters also allow you to use any natural water source because they can transform it to the purest and finest tasting drinking water. Moreover, the filtration method used is completely natural and free of chemicals or intricate processes.

Popular Types of Water Filters by Berkey

The Berkey water filter is quite powerful and often considered as a purifier. There are portable and compact models that allow you to drink clean water in areas where pressure and electricity are not available. The following are among the different types of water filters that Berkey offers.

This compact water filter is designed for travel use. In fact, it is the best companion for any outdoor activities or nature trips. It can effectively purify treated and untreated water from a number of sources such as stagnant ponds, remote streams and lakes. It can also be used in water supplies in various areas where regulations may be considered as substandard.

The unit is made of high-imapct, sturdy and shatter-resistant non-BPA copolyester. It includes 2 to 4 purification elements and uses the latest technological filtration methods. You may use it to store as much as 2.75 gallons of water, and it stands 21 inches without the base.

What’s great about the Big Berkey is that it can be used at home for small or mid-sized families, outdoor activities, emergencies and travels. It is also suitable for everyday use, and you can rely on it to purify water coming from hostile environments where treated water is not available.

This portable water filter is great to bring during sports activities or travels. It features a breakthrough ionic absorption micro-filtration method. The filter of this bottle is designed to significantly reduce and remove an array of unsafe particles in water.

Benefits and Features of Top-Rated Products in Amazon

If you are planning to buy a good water filter for your home or the outdoors, then these reviews of the best models of Berkey water filters may come in handy.

1. Big Berkey Water Filter

This item is a complete water purification system made of high quality stainless steel. It is capable of filtering a maximum of 3.5 gallons of water per hour, and can hold about 2.25 gallons of filtered drinking water. It also provides 2 PF-2 arsenic and fluoride reduction elements. Whether you are at home or out on a camping trip, this product is a suitable water filter to use.

2. Berkey Sports Bottle 22-Ounce Water Filter

If you need a lightweight and handy water filter to bring along during your sports activities or travels, then the Berkey sports bottle is an excellent option. It is designed to eliminate contaminants that cause serious health issues. Moreover, it uses advanced technology that can efficiently refine and cleans water to make it safe for drinking. As you press the bottle, the water source is forced easily through the filter.

3. Berkey Royal Water Filtration System

This water filter system works in impressive ways as it can eliminate red food coloring in water while retaining its beneficial mineral composition. In fact, no other filter system out there can duplicate this impressive performance. Made of polished and durable 304 stainless steel, it includes two reliable purification elements and uses the most advanced technological techniques. The system can store up to 3.25 gallons and it stands 23 inches in height.

Customer Reviews

Those who have bought the Big Berkey were a bit skeptic because of several issues they encountered from other water filter brands used in the past. However, this filtration unit make a huge difference, and it allowed them to drink the cleanest and most refreshing glasses of water each day. What makes this product a crowd favorite is its durability, with filters that can last about a decade. It also does not need potable water to operate, and water tastes superb.

When it comes to portability, nothing beats the Berkey sport water bottle, which is perfect for travels. It is very easy to use, rugged, and immensely improves the taste of regular tap water.

Lastly, the Royal filtration system by Berkey is a good option because water tastes amazing, and filters work great even after several years. You need to clean the filters, though, every 3 to 4 months, so you can ensure its top performance.

Water Filter Buying Guide

Before you purchase a water filter, make sure you determine the type of chemicals that is found in your tap water, so you will know the best product that can eliminate these. Then, make sure you update yourself with an annual report for water quality in your area, which you can obtain from your specific water supplier. These reports may be obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency website. In case you encounter problems in interpreting these reports, you may download a reading guide available at the official website of the Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water.

If you have finally decided to buy a water filter, it can help if you choose one that is certified by the U.S National Sanitation Foundation. This agency tests filtration systems and similar products to ensure consumers that these are capable of eliminating substances required by manufacturers of water filters.

The Verdict

Overall, the Berkey water filter brand offers you with a number of options when it comes to the best product that suits your needs. By consulting this guide that includes the different features and benefits of the brand’s top-selling products, you can decide on the right water filter to purchase.

Undersink Water Filter: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

As a responsible individual, it is your duty to provide pure and clean drinking water for your family. This is something that you cannot take for granted for the good health of your family, but at the same time, who wants those unattractive faucet attachments that will ruin the look of your modern kitchen! An under sink water filter system is a smart choice today because it guarantees good water flow and filtration, without cluttering your sink area or countertop. Hence, if you are on the lookout a water filter that provides safe drinking water and at the same time, does not spoil the aesthetics of your home, under sink filter makes a great choice.

An under sink water filter does require minor changes in your kitchen’s plumbing system and is generally quite large in size due to its complex water filtration mechanism, but don’t worry; it won’t mess up the design of your smart kitchen because it will be safely tucked under the sink. Adding to the delight, such type of water filter lasts longer and is more effective in filtering water contaminants than its other counterparts. What more?? Under the sink, the filter is a less expensive alternative to Reverse Osmosis filtration in terms of financial expenses, filtration, and water wastage as well.

Benefits of Under Sink Type Water Filter System

Wondering what makes underwater filter system a smart choice today? Here are some benefits that you can expect from an under sink type water filter:

  • Such type of water filters needs to be installed under the sink, and hence, they don’t take up your countertop or sink space with unattractive faucet attachments.
  • The filters are considered to last 2-3 times longer than countertop or faucet mounted filters. This saves much of your time and money in filter maintenance and replacement.
  • Under the sink, filters are known to comprise multi-stage filters that can remove the most type of water contaminants. At the same time, they tend to reduce odours and improve the taste of water
  • With such type of water filter, you can enjoy faster water flow as compared to its counterparts
  • You can also cut down on water wastage, and hence, water bills, with under sink type filters.

While the manufacturers claim the above to be the benefits of under sink water filter system, just don’t go by it. Before you buy, make sure that you check the technical specifications and functionalities of the water filter. If possible, request for a water test that will confirm the efficiency of the filter to provide clean and safe water.

Three Popular Products on Amazon

There are several exceptional under sink type water filters that you will get on Amazon; however, the choice completely depends on the type of filtration you seek for the space you have underneath your sink, as well as how much you are ready to spend. Based on product ratings and certifications, quality of filtration, and customer reviews, discussed herewith are three popular under sink type water filters on Amazon.

The under sink water filter system functions good in reducing taste and odor of chlorine from water, thus, giving fresh, clean and safe drinking water. It can also reduce lead, parasitic protozoan cysts, MTBE, and VOCs from water. It comes with an automatic shutoff meter that signals for cartridge change. Installing and replacing cartridges is also easy and quick with Aqua Pure.