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Berkey Water Filters, More Than Just a Water Filter

A water filtration system works by removing contaminants, chlorine taste and door in your drinking water. These water filters also allow you to use any natural water source because they can transform it to the purest and finest tasting drinking water. Moreover, the filtration method used is completely natural and free of chemicals or intricate processes.

Popular Types of Water Filters by Berkey

The Berkey water filter is quite powerful and often considered as a purifier. There are portable and compact models that allow you to drink clean water in areas where pressure and electricity are not available. The following are among the different types of water filters that Berkey offers.

This compact water filter is designed for travel use. In fact, it is the best companion for any outdoor activities or nature trips. It can effectively purify treated and untreated water from a number of sources such as stagnant ponds, remote streams and lakes. It can also be used in water supplies in various areas where regulations may be considered as substandard.

The unit is made of high-imapct, sturdy and shatter-resistant non-BPA copolyester. It includes 2 to 4 purification elements and uses the latest technological filtration methods. You may use it to store as much as 2.75 gallons of water, and it stands 21 inches without the base.

What’s great about the Big Berkey is that it can be used at home for small or mid-sized families, outdoor activities, emergencies and travels. It is also suitable for everyday use, and you can rely on it to purify water coming from hostile environments where treated water is not available.

This portable water filter is great to bring during sports activities or travels. It features a breakthrough ionic absorption micro-filtration method. The filter of this bottle is designed to significantly reduce and remove an array of unsafe particles in water.

Benefits and Features of Top-Rated Products in Amazon

If you are planning to buy a good water filter for your home or the outdoors, then these reviews of the best models of Berkey water filters may come in handy.

1. Big Berkey Water Filter

This item is a complete water purification system made of high quality stainless steel. It is capable of filtering a maximum of 3.5 gallons of water per hour, and can hold about 2.25 gallons of filtered drinking water. It also provides 2 PF-2 arsenic and fluoride reduction elements. Whether you are at home or out on a camping trip, this product is a suitable water filter to use.

2. Berkey Sports Bottle 22-Ounce Water Filter

If you need a lightweight and handy water filter to bring along during your sports activities or travels, then the Berkey sports bottle is an excellent option. It is designed to eliminate contaminants that cause serious health issues. Moreover, it uses advanced technology that can efficiently refine and cleans water to make it safe for drinking. As you press the bottle, the water source is forced easily through the filter.

3. Berkey Royal Water Filtration System

This water filter system works in impressive ways as it can eliminate red food coloring in water while retaining its beneficial mineral composition. In fact, no other filter system out there can duplicate this impressive performance. Made of polished and durable 304 stainless steel, it includes two reliable purification elements and uses the most advanced technological techniques. The system can store up to 3.25 gallons and it stands 23 inches in height.

Customer Reviews

Those who have bought the Big Berkey were a bit skeptic because of several issues they encountered from other water filter brands used in the past. However, this filtration unit make a huge difference, and it allowed them to drink the cleanest and most refreshing glasses of water each day. What makes this product a crowd favorite is its durability, with filters that can last about a decade. It also does not need potable water to operate, and water tastes superb.

When it comes to portability, nothing beats the Berkey sport water bottle, which is perfect for travels. It is very easy to use, rugged, and immensely improves the taste of regular tap water.

Lastly, the Royal filtration system by Berkey is a good option because water tastes amazing, and filters work great even after several years. You need to clean the filters, though, every 3 to 4 months, so you can ensure its top performance.

Water Filter Buying Guide

Before you purchase a water filter, make sure you determine the type of chemicals that is found in your tap water, so you will know the best product that can eliminate these. Then, make sure you update yourself with an annual report for water quality in your area, which you can obtain from your specific water supplier. These reports may be obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency website. In case you encounter problems in interpreting these reports, you may download a reading guide available at the official website of the Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water.

If you have finally decided to buy a water filter, it can help if you choose one that is certified by the U.S National Sanitation Foundation. This agency tests filtration systems and similar products to ensure consumers that these are capable of eliminating substances required by manufacturers of water filters.

The Verdict

Overall, the Berkey water filter brand offers you with a number of options when it comes to the best product that suits your needs. By consulting this guide that includes the different features and benefits of the brand’s top-selling products, you can decide on the right water filter to purchase.